‘Five Ws’ of Cliffe FC

About Cliffe Football Club

The ‘5 Ws’ of Cliffe FC (oh, and a H too!)

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What is Cliffe FC?
Cliffe Football Club are an amateur football club (soccer) [also known as – Cliffe FC, Cliffe AFC]


Formed in 2007, Cliffe FC was created so players that finish playing for the Cliffe junior sides, Real Cliffe Juniors, have somewhere to play when they progress into senior football. Before Cliffe FC players would move on to other clubs in the Cliffe area.

Cliffe FC was also formed with the view to do things “properly.” Meaning at Cliffe FC we pride ourselves not only upon our desire to win on the field and work hard in training but, also our spirit of sportsmanship and fair play.

In Cliffe FC’s first season (2007/2008) we experienced success in both league and cup competitions winning both the East Riding County League – Division Five title and the Harold Robinson Memorial Cup.

In 2008, Cliffe FC has expanded by adding a second team that feature in ERCL – Division 5 whilst the first team compete in ERCL – Division 3, after been “double promoted” in their first season.

Cliffe FC are an ambitious club and have future plans to develop the facilities at Oxen Lane that will benefit not only the club but junior football and Cliffe Tennis Club as well as aiding to attract new sports to the venue to benefit the community as a whole.

Cliffe FC, whilst been the only football club in Cliffe. They are, however, not the only senior football team located in their area which is near Selby where many other amateur senior football clubs reside and even a semi-professional team, Selby Town.

Cliffe FC, however, strive to do things in the right manner whilst also differentiating themselves by forming a strong, dedicated team both on and off the field.

The early growth of Cliffe FC has also attracted several FA qualified coaches to the club.
Cliffe FC are now actively working towards becoming a FA Charter Standard Club and are taking steps to achieving this standard.

Where is Cliffe?
Cliffe is located near Selby which is located in North Yorkshire, UK.

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Cliffe FC play their home matches at Oxen Lane, Cliffe which is also known as “Cliffe Park” from time-to-time.

Who are Cliffe FC?
Cliffe FC strive to create a strong team both on and off the field to find out more about those involved at Cliffe FC click Meet Cliffe FC

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